[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger - development - need to work withsomeone on making changes/mods

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 22 07:17:13 PDT 2009

Hi Amine (and anyone else!).

I've looked over the user/dev docs.. i've looked at ripping apart the app. i
could do it if i had the time. unfortunately, i've got 15 other apps that
need my time as well.

i'm looking to rip out a bunch of functionality (sub menus) as well as to
add additional functionality. in order to keep the app as clean as possible,
removing excess code is probably better, than simply setting a var somewhere
that 'hides' the functionality.

The key functionality tha ti need to implement, that as far as i can tell
vTiger doesn't have, is the ability to allow a user to select/be assigned
potentia leads/contacts from a list of contacts. I then want to allow the
user, to have their own section of the app, where they get to work on the
list of leads/contacts that they're responsible for. Using vTiger's approach
of access rights/permissions allows for sharing of contacts/leads between
users/groups/teams which is also required.

here's an overview of my future setup:
i have a group of colleges
 each college has a group of depts,
   which have classes
   each class has a faculty/prof

so this gets me a list of faculty.

i want the modified vTiger, to allow the user to select a college, dept, to
then be able to select the faculty from the list of courses/faculty for the
dept. this requires a separate menu/page within the vTiger horizontal nav

i also want to allow the user to then be able to work on the list of
leads/contacts (faculty) within their own workspace. to some extent, this
will be analogous to the display area for the lead/contact under the
marketing tab.

i also want to restrict the user to only work on the leads/contacts/faculty
that are assigned to the user.

there will also be a number of additional reports/data to be
generated/displayed, but that's not a critical issue..

so... i need someone who can help me figure out the best way to get to where
i can have this up/running, and interface with the other apps i'm working



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Hi Bruce,

I just read your mail and your needs. Vtiger can respnd to 90 % of your
needs without doing a major modifications. You'll find as append file
documentation in pdf format. I advise you this book:

If I can help you, I am here.

Sirius NET
Web site: http://www.snet-dz.com

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