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Prasanth prasanth at aarthikaindia.com
Wed Apr 22 06:43:09 PDT 2009

Hi Brett,
 Thank you very much for valuable information.
  It works great.

Prasanth D
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  We do this on a business by business basis, usually with Joomla extensions like VirtueMart.

  There isn't any pre-built integrations for you to tap into within vTiger, but all of the framework elements are there for you to implement your own.

  We've used both the SOAP APIs and the PHP APIs to do this work, choice being based on whether the CRM is remote (use SOAP) or in the same install (use PHP APIs).  Given that Early Impact is ASP based, you'll probably stick to the SOAP APIs.

  We usually follow one of these two models:

  1) Just-in-Time (JIT) integration: When the order is raised in the shopping cart, push customer, product, order header, and order line detail to vTiger.  In a "complete" implementation, we will create a Closed Won Potential, a Sales Order (linked to the Potential), and an Invoice (linked to the Sales Order) all against an Account based on the user in the shopping cart that raised the order.  We'll also create both an Account and a Contact for the customer.  In consumer sales environments, when you don't have a Company name for the Account, we just use the customers full name as the Account Name.  In this model, we only push across the Products that are included on the order at the time the order is raised.  That way, you don't need to synchronise or maintain the full product database in vTiger, you just populate it as you need to.  The reason we include the Closed Won Potential in the integration, as that auto-populates the vTiger Dashboard with high level sales data based on the orders being placed through the shopping cart.  That is like virtual-gold to managers; being able to just watch the vTiger dashboard and see the orders stacking up.

  2) Real-Time (RT) integration: Hook into shopping cart code base to push product updates to vTiger real time.  Hook into the user admin system to push customer/user updates to vTiger real time (for both Accounts and Contacts).  Then, at the time the orders are raised in the shopping cart, we only need to push through the order header and order lines.  We'd still do a Closed Won Potential, Sales Order, and Invoice to ensure all of the sales and accounting entities are created in vTiger.

  Sorry that this doesn't deal with Early Impact specifically, but hopefully sharing our approach helps.

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  Prasanth wrote: 


    I need to integrate "early Imapct" shopping cart with Vtiger CRM. I need to get sales details of each dealer. Sales order needs to generate upon a sale , there is no purchase order or quotes . Whether these kind of shopping cart implementation is supported by Vtiger. If there is any extension or support available for this pls send the details. If its still available in the vtiger crm, pls tell how it can be implemented 

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  Reach hundreds of potential candidates - http://jobs.vtiger.com
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