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bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 13 11:11:11 PDT 2009

Hi Amine,

This is for a small project that I'm working on. Actually, it's a part of a
much larger project, involved with creating a web crawler for college sites.

Given that this is kind of a garage project, there's a limited (small)
budget. So it's not really suited for you if you're looking for a real
paying gig. In other words, this isn't a fulltime gig, where you're going to
make $20.00/hr!! I'm actually looking for somebody who has vTiger skills,
who might want to make a small amount of cash, as well as be part of this

If this interests you, get back to me.

Here's what I'm looking to be able to accomplish::

Basically, I need the ability to have vTiger allow me to have an app that
manages a direct sales force.

-The sales team is spread out over different areas
-Each sales group is responsible for its own territory/area
-Each sales team talks to two kinds of customers:
 	university profs, and local businesses
-The app needs to keep track of the sales team, and their
 relationship with each kind of customer
-The app needs to have the ability to import the
 university profs from an external source, on a continual
-The app needs to have new/mods created for selecting
 the profs by the sales guy

I want to have a sales guy signup
I want to have the sales guy verified/authorized by a team lead
I want to have the sales guy, signup to handle different
 university faculty/profs
I want the sales guy to be able to track the conversation/
 actions that he has with the prof
 -Actions could be::
  -initial conversation (result)
  -secondary conversation (result)
  -faculty agrees to perform action (yes/no)
Tracking of the actions/results by the sales guy for
 each prof has to be captured/maintained in the db/tbls
I want to be able to restrict the user from accessing
 data that he's not responsible for
I want to have a multi-level access rights/permission
 structure regarding the sales guy, the team mgr, etc..

I want/need to have additional page/displays added to the app
I need to have additional tbls added for this
I need to have tools/processes added to continually
 refresh the faculty/prof data...

If you're interested, let's talk.

But like I said, this is more of a short term project, that
supports a much larger project. If you're interested in talking
about the bigger picture, then lets talk.

bedouglas at earthlink.net


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I am the manager of a startup in web technologies. We are instaaled in
Algeria. What do you stand from Vtiger CRM. We can if possible respond
to your needs.

Manager of EURL Sirius NET
Site: http://www.snet-dz.com

2009/4/13, bruce <bedouglas at earthlink.net>:
> Hi...
> Got a project, where I'm going to need to have a CRM app (vtiger) have
> functionality to be used for a direct sales kind of model. Basically, I
> envision having a number of people who will act as local sales resources
> different parts of the cocuntry. I'm going to need some way of managing
> them, as well as their contacts, throughout the sales cycle...
> Vtiger appears to be somewhat useful, but it's going to need mods....
> I'm looking to talk to someone who's maed changes/mods to Vtiger so I can
> discuss what I have in mind...
> There might be some cash, but nowhere near enough to make this a real
> So, if you have the chops/skills, let's talk.
> Thanks
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