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your list captures vtiger well. I would add security as one of the key
benefits as well. The multi-level role hierarchy is quite useful for many

Couple of translation corrections:
- hypertestuality  - hyperlinks
- it is complex - it is comprehensive   (i am assuming your intent is to
capture the broad capabilities in vtiger that can leverage by advanced


On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 2:08 AM, carlo beschi <carloz at gnumerica.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> based on my personal experience as a vtiger CRM user, consultant and
> developer, I've written this small text.
> Any feedback is appreciated.
> It's been originally posted on our company's blog, here:
> http://synthesisblog.com/2009/04/05/15-cose-da-sapere-su-vtiger-crm/
> Thank you Flavia for translating it in English.
> Carlo Beschi (aka carloz)
> ---------
> 15 things to know about vtiger CRM
> ·  It is a software. Therefore, it is a tool. It supports human
> intelligence but it can not replace it.
> ·  It is opensource. Software's source code is available and any user
> can read, re-use, modify it – it is provided under Vtiger Public License
> (an open source license which comes from Mozilla Public License).
> · It is free. The official and full version of the software can be
> freely downloaded from vtiger.com website. Microsoft Office, Microsoft
> Outlook, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbid plugins too are free.
> Additional modules, plug-in and bridges to other platforms are freely
> provided by commmunity developers on a dedicated web portal (vtiger forge).
> · It is stable. It is built on the Apache Mysql Php stack – a webserver,
> a database and a programming language which are recognized as
> international standard. This kind of choice offers a solid and shared
> development basis and makes vtiger CRM completely multi platform (vtiger
> server can run both on Linux, Windows and Machintosh OS).
> ·  It is client/server. It is possible to have a great number of clients
> for each server installation.
> · It is web-based. It allows working easily on a shared platform,
> without the need to install anything on the workstations. People can
> access it as it were a web site, using Mozilla Firefox, Internet
> Explorer or any other browser. Moreover, vtiger CRM takes full advantage
> of the power of the hypertestuality (I.e. links between pages and
> entities).
> · It is multi-user. Actually, users can be unlimited. There are no ties
> either technical or linked to the license. Users can be one, ten or
> hundred: each one with his username and password, and assigned to a role
> and profile. It is possible to define access rules, which are specific
> for any system entity.
> · It is modular. The software provides 20 base modules – Leads,
> Accounts, Contacts, Proposals, Invoices, Calendars, Webmail are just
> some of them. Each module can be fully customized. It is possible to
> disable modules which user is not interested in and install new
> additional modules.
> ·  It is flexible. There are no many software on the market as easy to
> re-design as vtiger CRM. Users can manage it accordingly to their own
> needs. Most of changes and customizations (I.e. creation of new fields,
> filters and custom reports) can be made directly through web interface,
> by accessing the system with administrator privileges.
> ·  It is beautiful. It is a really user friendly system; it is easy to
> use, with a familiar and pleasant interface.
> ·  It is complete. It is an operational, collaborative and (quite)
> analytical CRM system. Modules and functionalities cover the entire sell
> cycle from the leads acquisition to the post-selling customer support.
> · It is easy to learn. A user who normally deals with a computer could
> learn how to navigate among the modules and functionalities of the CRM
> in just two hours. After one or two weeks he/she deals with it, he/she
> can feel…at home!
> ·  It is complex. The basic functionalities allow users to manage the
> main CRM activities they could need. Anyway, it is just by learning how
> to use advanced functions that we can take advantage of the full
> potentials of the tool.
> · It is reliable. Thousands of installations in production environments
> all over the world. A development team consisting of 20 coders. A
> network of official partners in all the main countries. Hundreds of
> developers which work constantly every day in the international
> community. This means: extended and accurate tests on the product, and
> capability to intervene in order to correct bugs and eventual problems
> almost in real time.
> ·  It is not perfect. Although it is beautiful, reliable and complete,
> vtiger CRM is not the perfect software, even if it is developing quickly
> and it is improving itself every day. Code cleaning and documentation
> are the most important things to arrange as soon as possible.
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