[Vtigercrm-developers] vTiger 5.x - insert into database - quotes

Nolan Andres nolan at peaceworks.ca
Sun Sep 14 12:37:10 PDT 2008


This sounds like a job for the API (see api.vtiger.com). Rather than doing direct writes, you can create an instance of a Quote object and then save it. 

If you haven't got the auto email part worked out, try the Auto Email Notification project on the forge (http://forge.vtiger.com/projects/autoemails/). It's built to send exactly that type of email. 

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----- "Erica Lahoda" <erical at lynxts.com> wrote:

> What I am trying to do is allow a client to select some options on our
> web site, then I was hoping to insert their options/products into the
> quote table inside vTiger, and then auto email the sales team so they
> know someone requested a quote. It will make it easier down the road
> to convert these quotes to sales orders if they were auto entered.
> I am new to vtiger, but have developed crm systems in other languages
> before, so I'm familiar with the terms and data. I just need a few
> pointers to any code within vtiger I can use to insert into the
> database... or is it safe to just insert a record right into the
> quotes table?
> Thanks
> Erica
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