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Prasad prasad at vtiger.com
Thu Oct 23 01:21:08 PDT 2008

Dear Team,

The latest update of vtiger CRM
new support for Web Services.

The vtiger CRM Web Services API provides a well-defined API for development
of new plugins and integration of third-party applications.
This will ease development of applications/plugins around vtiger CRM and
simplify integration with external applications as well.

We have provided a web services client library and a complete sample
application to help with development of web services client applications.
vtwsclib - *Web Services Client Library*

vtwsclib (vtiger CRM Web Services Client Library) provides wrapper classes
for PHP, Javascript, and Python, to use vtiger CRM web services.
Using this library you can write new applications that integrate with vtiger

Project URL: http://forge.vtiger.com/projects/vtwsclib/
Download URL: http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=181&release_id=459

Included is the sample application described below.

*vtclient *- Sample Web Services Client Application

vtclient is a simple vtiger CRM client suitable for mobile devices and other
web devices that require simple HTML user interfaces. It is a
sample web services client application written using the PHP client library
provided by vtwsclib.

Check out the demo application vtclient here:

Please try the web services client library and let us know your feedback.
vtiger Team
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