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bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 26 05:42:46 PST 2008


I'm exploring the 5.0.4 vTiger app, and I've got a couple of questions about
how it deals with contact/leads and whether it provides a way to restrict
access to a given user.

Assume I have a contact database. Assume that I also have userA and userB. I
want to start the app, with both users only able to access a high level of
fields in the contact database.

I want to then allow userA to specify the group of records within the
database that it's going to be responsible for. I would like to have a way
to then restrict userB from being able to access the records that userA is

Here's my situation:

I'm creating an app to handle college courses/faculty. I envision that I
going to have a couple of tbls in the db schema, which will be able to be
searched/selected by the user in order to get the actual contact data that's
displayed to the user.

my contact data:

So in a real world example, userA might select "Stanford" as the college,
and the "physics" dept as the dept that they will be responsible for. In
this case, the app would then display all the courses under the
Stanford/Physics dept, and all the required fields. UserB could see that
there is a Stanford/physics dept, as well as the name of the course, but not
the complete course detail, because the course are not assigned to user.
Only the user who is assigned the course, gets to see the actual/complete
course data...

Any idea as to how this can be handled in the 5.0.4 vTiger app??


bedouglas at earthlink.net

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