[Vtigercrm-developers] vtlib 2.0 released!

carlo beschi carloz at gnumerica.org
Wed Nov 26 02:34:40 PST 2008

Hi Prasad,

If we weren't both happily married, I'd make you a proposal ;-)) :-P

Great news, both a) and b) and c) and d)

We'll test vtlib 2.0 today :-)


Prasad ha scritto:
> Dear vtigers,
> I'm happy to announce the release of vtlib 2.0. Thanks to community 
> members for trying out earlier versions and sharing the feedback.
> This release has the following changes:
> 1. New APIs have been introduced to:
>     a) Set rules for Custom Views (Filters)
>     b) Setup related list between your module and other modules.
>     c) Configure Popup selection via field for UIType 10.
>     d) Register Eventing for your modules (feature available only on 
> vtiger CRM 5.1)
> 2. New modules can now have module level Settings that can be configured 
> through module manager.
> 3. API was redesigned to make it simpler to use.
> Download URL: http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=174&release_id=469
> <http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=174&release_id=469>
> Kindly refer to the documentation for more details which captures the 
> API changes details w.r.t vtlib 1.x
> About vtlib:
> vtlib <http://forge.vtiger.com/projects/vtlib>is a library to ease new 
> module development for vtiger CRM. vtlib includes APIs to create or 
> modify the backend elements for a module.
> vtlib includes Module Manager which allows new modules to be packaged 
> into zip files that other vtiger CRM installations can easily install 
> and use.
> For vtiger 5.0.4, vtlib is available as a download. This package needs 
> to be installed by developers as well as users who
> intend to install modules developed using vtlib. In version 5.1, vtlib 
> will be integrated into vtiger CRM download.
> Try it out today and share your feedback with us.
> Regards,
> Prasad
> vtiger Team
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