[Vtigercrm-developers] vtlib 2.0 released!

Prasad prasad at vtiger.com
Wed Nov 26 02:24:18 PST 2008

Dear vtigers,

I'm happy to announce the release of vtlib 2.0. Thanks to community members
for trying out earlier versions and sharing the feedback.

This release has the following changes:
1. New APIs have been introduced to:
    a) Set rules for Custom Views (Filters)
    b) Setup related list between your module and other modules.
    c) Configure Popup selection via field for UIType 10.
    d) Register Eventing for your modules (feature available only on vtiger
CRM 5.1)
2. New modules can now have module level Settings that can be configured
through module manager.
3. API was redesigned to make it simpler to use.

Download URL: http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=174&release_id=469

Kindly refer to the documentation for more details which captures the API
changes details w.r.t vtlib 1.x

About vtlib:
vtlib <http://forge.vtiger.com/projects/vtlib>is a library to ease new
module development for vtiger CRM. vtlib includes APIs to create or modify
the backend elements for a module.
vtlib includes Module Manager which allows new modules to be packaged into
zip files that other vtiger CRM installations can easily install and use.

For vtiger 5.0.4, vtlib is available as a download. This package needs to be
installed by developers as well as users who
intend to install modules developed using vtlib. In version 5.1, vtlib will
be integrated into vtiger CRM download.

Try it out today and share your feedback with us.

vtiger Team
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