[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger parts refactored

Takács, Dávid david.takacs at cafeopen.eu
Mon Nov 24 05:02:15 PST 2008

Dear vtiger developers,

  during our medium-sized customizing project we ended up with some
refactored parts of vtiger 5.0.4., mainly the Calendar and CustomView
modules, and their smarty templates. The need for this was to make
them more flexible, for further development. The interface of the
modules did not change (ie. the name of the included files and
templates and the request params they use), so it is easy to switch to
them. Besides the cleaner code, the changes cause increased
performance: faster responses, and less memory used.

  The project produced some enhancements in the module functionalities
as well, for example: 'task lists' or a hierarchy of activities,
custom action buttons in listviews, spreadsheet-like filters for
listviews, color-coded calendar and activity listviews, simplified
(one-level) main menu for users with highly restricted access, and so
on. These are available in the refactored code.

  We would be happy to make our version accessible to the vtiger users
and developers, as a contribution. Since these are major changes, it
is a must to reach wider consensus among the active developers. So is
this mail.

I would really appreciate your opinions,
best regards,

David Takacs
CaféOpen development

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