[Vtigercrm-developers] TSolucio Project Management Module

Manilal K M libregeek at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 02:07:11 PST 2008

Hello all,
  I was delighted to know that Tsolucio has been developing a Project
Management(PM) module in vtiger-5. I have checked the vtiger forge
site(http://forge.vtiger.com/projects/tsprojects) and downloaded the
testing source available. However, it's based on an older version of
vtiger(5.0.0) which has known conflicts with the DateTime class in

I would like to know whether this project has any releases for the
latest stable release of vtiger(5.0.4)? I understand that the PM
module is bundled with the vtiger core in the available package. is it
possible to get this module files alone so that I can integrate it to

Thanks in advance
Manilal K M : മണിലാല്‍ കെ എം.

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