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quentusrex quentusrex at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 11:24:30 PST 2008

I think they are both a great idea. For the Recurring Invoice feature,
also add quarterly. I would say that the focus should be on the
recurring invoice feature over the Service Contract feature. 


On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 23:42 +0530, Sreenivas Kanumuru wrote:
> Hi vtigers,
> As we mentioned earlier, we will be supporting non-stockable
> (services) and stockable items (physical items) under Inventory
> products module. To take our new love for services further, we will be
> supporting Recurring Invoices and Service Contracts. We see these as
> two different things. Let me explain: 
>       * Recurring Invoices: Invoices will be created automatically at
>         the configured frequency. To support Recurring invoices, we
>         plan to add a new section in the Sales Order to capture
>               * Start and End period
>               * Frequency (yearly, monthly)
>       * Service Contracts: Helps track professional and support
>         service agreements. Service contracts are done at an item
>         level in the Invoice. A Service contract could have the
>         following fields. 
>               * associated with Account
>               * Start Date, End Date, Tracking Unit [Hours, Days,
>                 Incidents], Total Units, Available Units.  (ex: our
>                 Level 2 Support for small client is restricted to 4
>                 tickets)
>               * is linked to Trouble ticket module. Each trouble
>                 ticket closed should automatically decrement the
>                 counter or the available hours. 
>               * alert the client when limit is getting close.
>               * We can provide a button for each service line item in
>                 an invoice to create a  service contract.
> Before moving ahead, we would like to hear from you.
>       * Is Service contracts module useful?
>       * Do you have any suggestions to improve upon the above defined
>         capability in Service Contracts?
> We are wary of the Service Contracts exploding into a major piece of
> work, for example to help with SLA compliance..etc. We would like to
> keep this to a limited scope for now.
> Please share your feedback.
> thanks,
> Sreenivas
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