[Vtigercrm-developers] VtigerCRM 5.1.0 Update 5 - Configurable Workflows and VOIP integration (Update 5)

David fire ddfire at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 07:32:16 PST 2008

First asterisk integration is a great grate grate idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a few comments
if you really need to have one input in the manager per user dont ask to be
whit all the privilege you really dont need that.

it will be nice if the agent have a button to enter in queue and maybe a
queue monitoring for the supervisor.
i wrote the code for java and for php too if you let me i will be glad to
help implementing this features.
i can make a simple library and then you add it to the core
i will need the libraris you are using to comunicate whit the asterisk
and really this is grate.

2008/12/16 Asha <asha at vtiger.com>

> Hi All,
> We are done with our next wip update on the demo server (
> http://en.vtiger.com/wip).
> The main features that we have put out this time are:-
> 1. Workflow Manager
> 2. Asterisk Integration
> For more details, please check out the 5.1.0 Progress Update-5 Blog Post<http://www.vtiger.com/blogs/2008/12/16/vtiger-crm-51-configurable-workflows-and-voip-integration-update-5/>
> .
> This was one of our important update as Asterisk Integration and Workflow
> were 2 big features. We really need your feedback on this before we go out
> with the release. Please provide us your inputs on these.
> Note: We have also upgraded TCPDF version to 4.0. This still doesn't
> support lots of languages like Chinese, Japanese. Would be great if we get
> some helping hand in completing the TCPDF support for most of the languages.
> --
> Regards,
> Asha
> vtiger Team
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