[Vtigercrm-developers] vTiger on MSSQL - 99% complete.

David fire aresolimpico at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 17:12:38 PDT 2007

we are a lot working on vtiger... maybe the biggest problem is the dificulty
to add any new function....
and the lack of responce from main developers...
maybe we should ask them what thay want to do...

i think vtiger has a very good potential if we change the actitude.
we can make some work groups:

-features review
-developers (add members)

if the project go larger will be a lot of job, many enterprise will ask for
paid support and others will ask special developments...


2007/9/24, Graham Miller <graham901 at webenhanced.com.au>:
> Joe Bordes wrote:
> > This email should be a call of attention.
> Totally agree. And timing is probably getting critical. There are many
> commercial entities now
> considering investing in open source development but they need to know the
> project is going to
> be there for the long haul.
> > If your goal is to be "The most popular CRM" you need this development
> > list to be VERY active and have the community adopting your application
> > for the solution to their problems.
> We will be rebuilding a large proprietary on-line financial planning
> application into a CRM as
> the base platform for user logins, profiles, contact history etc etc. The
> client is willing to
> invest in open source software and we will probably want some extra
> programming resources to
> hire along the way that already know the CRM app really well.
> We evaluated the market of open source offerings and found sugar/vtiger to
> be the best. Noting
> the sugarCRM license requirements and our need to totally re-brand the
> application, we decided
> that the apparently real open source alternative (namely vtiger) was the
> right platform and have
> been watching the list for signs of an active community. So far we have
> not seen any activity to
> justify us spending large amounts of time and money further developing
> vtiger.
> We wait in hope. But that hope is, unfortunately, fading.
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