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I am not trying to argue...  But, I really didn't find adodb all that
complex.  There are three or four functions that it uses, and that is it.
With a few modifications to make it always use the associative array return
values, instead of index based.  And a way to do different queries depending
upon the dbms (there are only a few that it would be easier if they could be
different, most can be the same).  Then I think adodb would do the job
great.  As for performance, I didn't see very much in the adodb code that
would slow things down.  Although I may have missed something.


On 9/23/07, Enrico Weigelt <weigelt at metux.de> wrote:
> * Graham Miller <graham901 at webenhanced.com.au> schrieb:
> <snip>
> > Do you have an alternative to suggest?
> >
> > Pear DB perhaps (urghhh).
> Yes, PEAR DB is much cleaner and less complex.
> It still lacks several functions (ie. for query rendering),
> but this can be easily extendet.
> cu
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