[Vtigercrm-developers] Reg : PATCH for PearDatabase

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Thu Oct 25 17:34:11 PDT 2007

* Minnie A <minnie at vtiger.com> wrote:

(CC'in to vtiger-dev)

> In these two patches, same method is defined with different argument list.

Ups ! Seems I've mixed up some things.
Best would be merging both together: make the second parameter optional
and use it as index in the result record if defined, otherwise take 
the first column.

> 3. remove noise in invoice module(02_nekrad-remove-noise.diff) : while
> creating a invoice if the same product is selected for multiple time, we
> give the confirmation message for user saying that "Same product selected
> for multiple time , do you wan to continue". It is expected behaviour only.
> so we didn't integrate it with vtiger CRM.

You're assuming one product only appears once (with some factor). 
Actually that's an bad assumpting. Think about services with 
several tasks: we've got an working hour as product and several 
items whith amounts of hours spent for certain tasks. 

In such situations this warning is extremly annoying.

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