[Vtigercrm-developers] Changing the colors of the graphs within the cockpit

Torsten Zenk tzenk at gmx.net
Tue Jun 26 18:03:57 PDT 2007

Hi all,
i don´t get any answer from the forum on this, so maybe someone from the 
list can help me with this question:

Hi all,
i have gone through http://pear.veggerby.dk/forum and 
http://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/ImageGraph_-_General and all the files 
in my vtiger install vtigerCRM/Image to get an answer on this. I have 
studied here 
but i just can´t find the place in the code where to do a simple(?) 
change of the blue bars on the startpage.

In include/utils/GraphUtils.php line 65 -72 it says

/**This function is used to generate the n colors.
* Param $count - number of colors to generate
* Param $start - value of first color
* Param $step - color increment to apply
* Return type array - array of n colors values

But when i change the colors within

function color_generator($count = 1, $start = '33CCFF', $step = '221133')

which is a light blue (33CCFF) and almost black (221133)

nothing changes.

When i change the color in /Image/Canvas/GD/PNG.php on line 64

$transparent = '#123ABD';

nothing changes.

Trying changes within all files that have entries related to colors 

Doing almost 50 changes within over 20 files in the IMAGE folder in 
vtiger root just one thing really made a change and changed the 
backgroundcolor of the Cockpit in /Image/Canvas/GD/PNG.php on line 88

'fill' => 'white',

if i change the 'white' to anything listed within /ImageColor.php on 
line 502
this is really changing the color. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT I NEED!!!

I just want to change the "blue bars" to "green bars". That´s all. There 
are a lot of descriptions on the above sites and even a lot of comments 
within the vtiger files, but when i make changes , save the file i 
changed, empty the browser cache and reload still absolutely nothing 

So i am really at the end of my research and still couldn´t find any 
solution. I am doing something wrong, i am sure, but i don´t know what.
Did someone of you ever managed to change the color of the Cockpit bars???


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