[Vtigercrm-developers] v5.0.3 - PHP 5.2: Patch Naming Convention

Dirk Gorny Dirk.Gorny at Genion.de
Mon Jun 25 07:01:13 PDT 2007

Hello Gopal,

it is possible to create a real Patch with diff against the original 
vtigercrm-5.0.3 and not a filetree.
If yes it should be a .gz file, named vtigercrm-5.0.3-php5.2-patch1.gz
If the patch is stable in further patchreleases it should go into the Release.

Best regards,


Am Montag, 25. Juni 2007 schrieb Gopal:
> Dear Team,
> We are planning to have the following naming convention for _vtiger CRM
> 5.0.3 - PHP 5.2_ compatible patch:
> *vtigercrm-5.0.3-php5.2-patch1.zip
> *Please let me know your views on the naming convention.
> Thanks,
> Gopal*
> *

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