[Vtigercrm-developers] Appeal to nominate vtiger for SF.net Community Choice Awards..

Gopal gopals at vtiger.com
Thu Jun 21 00:57:34 PDT 2007

Dear Team,

I would like to appeal our community to consider nominating vtiger 
project for Sourceforge.net - 2007 Community Choice Awards.


Best Regards,

Greetings, Project admins:

The nomination phase for our 2007 Community Choice Awards has begun,
and it won't be long before the winners are chosen.  We've put voting
links on many of your project's pages, but now it's time for you to do
your part.  Ask for your users' votes in your project blogs, mailing
lists, forums, or web pages, to ensure that your project makes the
final ballot!  Trust me, it'll make a big difference.

If you win, your project will be highlighted on SourceForge.net and
you will be included in our press release.  And, as if that weren't
enough, you'll be recognized during our awards party at OSCON.  Oh,
and you'll get an entire year's supply of bragging rights.

But here's the catch:  There are only a few short weeks left.  That
means it's time for you to ask your user communities for their vote.
I have no doubt that your project has a vibrant community of users and
supporters, and each and every last one of them surely wants you to
win.  They just need a little bit of encouragement from you.


The SourceForge.net Team

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