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clement chazarra chazarra.clement at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 08:57:43 PDT 2007

Hello people,

I need some help to understand more deeply how vTiger works..
I decided to try merging phpscheduleit(http://www.php.brickhost.com/) in

How I see it:
We have resources in the scheduler (with associated properties), the best
would be to visualise those in vTiger as products categorized as 'resources'
so if you edit your product, the changes will occur in phpscheduleit tables.
I no want to touch the databases, All I need to understand is how in vTiger
we retrieve the custom fields on the form, to be able adding a condition

if category == 'resources' {
     select * from scheduleit_resources fields
     show fields in vTiger form as customfield

Sorry if I am not being clear.. Which files are used to retrieve custom
fields? especially product custom fields?
I also had a look to the api (http://api.vtiger.com/), but it didn't help
much... I need to see the whole picture from the template to the retrieve of
the database fields.

If I can achieve that, the next step is to customize the products view in
each module concerned (SaleOrder, Invoice, Quote, etc.) to display data from
scheduleit db again.

I already managed to log in scheduleit with vTiger user details.

How to retrieve and display data from another table in vTiger modules?

Thanks in advance,

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