[Vtigercrm-developers] RFC: clever campaing handling

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Fri Jun 1 06:22:02 PDT 2007

Hi folks,

I'm (again) thinking about an good campaign management again.

The main problem: it has to support contact-individual actions
and long-time campaigns (w/ growing contacts).

An simple approach for campaings is just to group contacts 
together and send a message to all at once. But this does not 
work for me. My requirements are: 

a) it must be possible to send individual messages and maybe 
   choose an appropriate template. 
b) conversation status has be recorded, also manual 
   (ie. if I'm conversing via phone or face2face, there is no
   message to be sent)
c) before doing anything it must be possible to skip off certain
   contacts from the campaign
d) there have to be clear rules for which contacts to include 
   in an campaign (ie. tags), so the computer can present all
   people who potentially should be added to the campaign
e) while the campaign is already running, new/changed contacts
   must also be added to the campaign once the criteria match.
Lets take an example: I'm starting a new campaign, maybe an 
political iniative (which will live some time). Now I'd like
to inform evryone who might be interested. That may be private
contacts, companies, representatives, etc. They all have to be
treated separately (ie. representatives like to be addressed
formally, friends obviously not ;-)) It would be nice if vtiger
present templates (ie. with simple macros processing) and send
the mails, but that's not absolutely necessary (for now).

It more important to have an overview about who has been contacted,
maybe what reaction got, who still to connect, who to reply, ...
And its important that all contacts which match the criteria
(ie. tags) will be presented, even if they match after the 
campaign has started (ie. added or changed contact).

So my proposal:

a) every contact may be tagged easily queried by tags. 
   (maybe the current tag cloud already works for that ?)
b) each campaign object contains an tag query
c) campaign-contact objects link together campaigns and contacts. 
   each of them additionally contains an status flag (ie. new,
   contacted, skipped, delayed, ...), comment text, ...
d) there's an frontend view "open campaigns" which lists all 
   campaigns which have contacts to do (to contact). from here 
   we can reach the "open positions" views for each campaign.
   that view allows to work on the campaign-contacts.
What do you think about it ?

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