[Vtigercrm-developers] i18n Filter issue

Torsten Zenk tzenk at gmx.net
Tue Jul 17 20:55:26 PDT 2007

i have just found a strange issue i wanted to tell you as i think this 
is another i18n issue that needs to be solved.

What was my goal when i found this issue:

As the Filters in the modules are all in english i wanted to translate 
them to german as only the "All" from the english version is shown as 
"Alle" in german. "Hot Leads" and "This month Hot Leads" still stay 
english, even if i have german as choosen language.So for testing i 
wanted to call them A, B, and C.

How did i get there:
Coming from My HomePage > Home i click the link (choosing Accounts in 
the dashboard)


the in Marketing > Accounts i see the Filters All/Hot Leads/This Month 
Leads (which come from "cvid" 1,2,3 from the table customview)

When i translate the "viewname" related to cvid 1,2,3 in the table 
customview to A/B/C the Filters in Marketing > Accounts are then A/B/C. 
So far, so good.

What error causes it:
When i now repeat the steps from above , coming from My HomePage > Home 
i click the link (choosing Accounts in the dashboard) the link there is 
missing the viewname number and looks like this:


so clicking on it ends up in a blank screen only showing the 
mainnavigation at the top but no list of accounts

Changed it back:
Changing cvid 1's "viewname" A back to the original "All" the link in
HomePage > Home (choosing Accounts in the dashboard) is okay again


and the german translation "Alle" shows up in the filters again. 
Everything is fine again.

I left the cvid 2 and 3's "viewname" as B and C and in the filters it 
shows up as B and C under the translated "Alle"

So i ask myself why "All" is translated and "B" and "C" (which are 
Customviews just like All) are not.
I know that "All" is a filter included in every modulefilter, so it is 
translated by default, but wouldn´t it be just great if we had the 
to do the same with self made filters? What if an organisation needs the 
selfmade filters names in at least 2 different languages?

a thought about a solution:
At this point the multilanguage- support of vtiger is exhausted, but i 
think, that if the filter "All" can recognize which language the user 
has choosen, the other selfmade filters could too. Isn´t it just a 
matter of using the code that recognizes the language for the "All" 
filter for the selfmade filters too, while they are generated?

Just a thought

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