[Vtigercrm-developers] Need suggestions for Email Id format.

Edmund Edgar lists at edochan.com
Sat Jul 14 06:17:48 PDT 2007

>> We have to strictly follow the RFCs.

Japanese mobile-phone providers Au and Docomo use things like the following,
in violation of the relevant RFCs:
aaa. at docomo.ne.jp

>From experience supporting an application that couldn't send to these
non-standard addresses, there appear to be enough people in Japan using them
(I'd wildly speculate 0.5% to 1% of mobile phone e-mail addresses in this
nation of 120 million people) to cause problems.

Obviously it's up to the VTiger team whether they decide they want to make
allowances for other people ignoring the relevant standards; Since a number
of other web applications and mail servers will potentially choke on these
things, I guess there would be a case for refusing to let them into your
system at the validation stage. But non-geek users who know nothing of RFCs
will presumably consider this to be a bug in VTiger.

I can't find any English-language sources for this, but for reference,
here's an explanation of the problem in Japanese
...and this page has some Java code that people are using for validation to
work around this problem:

Edmund Edgar
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