[Vtigercrm-developers] Ticket ID in HelpDesk Listview

Nicolas GOMBERT ngombert at ng-consultant.com
Wed Oct 18 11:33:34 PDT 2006


As far as I can tell, fields listed in that interface are them wich are
in the edit view or detail view of entities.

Programming my module I've met this. I think you can show this field up
in the interface by changing its displaytype (or something like this) in
vtiger_fields (it will show in edit or detail view as well).

I didn't need to modify this part so here's all I can tell :P

I think the same problem append if you want to show invoices total in
list view.

Hope this help.

Nicolas Gombert

Le mercredi 18 octobre 2006 à 14:16 -0400, Dennis Grant a écrit :
> I bet this is a simple one....
> I've got a problem where the Admin, when viewing the "All" view in the
> Trouble Ticket listview, can see the "Ticket ID", but other, less
> privileged users cannot.
> When I go to edit the field level security settings via the interface,
> however, there is no way to add this field, as it isn't there in the
> interface to add.
> This looks like that "Ticket ID" is being mapped to the crmid of the
> ticket, but that isn't listed in the security section and so is never
> picked up as a possible ticket field.
> Anybody know how to fix this? Where is the logic stored that allows this
> for admin and not for all else?
> DG 
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