[Vtigercrm-developers] Fwd: Road map

Dirk Gorny Dirk.Gorny at genion.de
Tue Oct 17 02:11:46 PDT 2006

Hi Gopal,

nice Road map, but I dont understand the point of view causes this List.
If you point an application to a business environment there are more important 
attributes than features.
Now at Version 5 the vtigercrm is nearly complete and full usable but many 
things are a handicap in use.
At first, there is no migration script that works well ("No. i cannot migrate 
successfully. want to improve the script" 86%). I understand you wanted to 
make it easy for users to migrate but if it is not working it is not easy. 
Mostly migrations for the database are in pure sql. At vtigercrm I need a 
sql- and a php-spezialist to debug. Less is more! Reliability is more 
important than new features with new bugs.
The Buglist for 5.0 is nearly endless but in 5.0.1 there are long time known 
bugs not fixed otherwise new features like "Skype" integration are in. What 
about the Naming Scheme for release numbering? Why are bugs allways shifted 
to the next release?
There is no transparency for the security tests done on the application. 
There are no documented tests done on a new release to see what is working 
I know that PHP is only a scripting language, far away from a 4gl, and how 
difficult it is to develope a high complex application in PHP that normaly is 
developed in J2EE. All the vtiger developer have my high respect.
In my opinion, to become a business application, vtigercrm must be more 

Best regards,


Am Montag, 16. Oktober 2006 06:20 schrieb Gopal:
> Hi,
> I hope there is consensus on the attached Road map for the next three
> months.
> Please let me know your views.

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