[Vtigercrm-developers] Proper way to increase Attachmentfile size limit

Dennis Grant dgrant at accuratetechnologies.com
Wed Oct 11 06:07:54 PDT 2006

> Isn't this a php.ini directive setting and really has nothing to do
> vtigercrm or any other php app?


This one (and the session timeout) I remember fixing in my 4.x instance
after a great deal of trouble and cut-and-try (which I of course forgot
to document)

But it is a common admin task, and there should be some sort of hook in
the CRM admin page to help an administrator set it up correctly - even
if the appropriate Settings module just displays the current value of
the applicable php.ini settings and provides simple instructions on how
to change it, that'd be a big step forward.

All configuration *should* be available from the Settings interface;
that's the goal. But if there are CRM-influencing system settings that
the interface *cannot* alter (for security reasons or whatever) there
should at least be status indicators and pointers on how to make the
appropriate changes.


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