[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger CRM 5.0.1 Released

Joe Bordes joe at tsolucio.com
Tue Oct 10 13:52:03 PDT 2006

El mar, 10-10-2006 a las 15:13 -0400, Dennis Grant escribió:
> > Looks like svn made 4 copies of each C-ed file; a bare copy (foo.php)
> a
> > working copy (foo.working.php) a "left" copy (foo.version.left.php)
> and
> > a "right" copy (foo.version.right.php)
> Hm. It looks like SVN embeds patch-like markers in foo.php so you can
> tell where the differences are.
> Oddly, it only conflicted when the working copy version matched the
> changed version in the repository - in other words, it only conflicted
> on the my stuff that vtiger had accepted into the main trunk.
> Does that sound right?
Not much to me, svn should have "noticed" that the changes were already
made and simply merged them. But i'm no expert so ...

> And it looks like my repository is now 5.0.1, but my working copy is
> 5.0.0+my patches - meaning that "svn diff" generates a patch file for
> reverting a 5.0.1 installation to a 5.0.0+my patches - which is the
> opposite effect to what I wanted.
> How do I update the working copy to 5.0.1 without losing my patches?
Use the merge command IN your working copy directory. I mean apply the
same merge command in the working directoy which contains your patches
and you will get an updated version with your patches.

Again, remember to make copies, I am no expert in this, just talking
from my recent experience.


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