[Vtigercrm-developers] example does not work

gabor g.un at freemail.hu
Tue Nov 21 12:15:43 PST 2006

> > Actually it is enough if you issue this query in mysql. I
> > have used this query in mysql and it always assigns a unique
> > value there.
> Yes, this is because the field is defined as an
auto-increment. The
> problem is that this procedure does NOT update the value in
> vtiger_field_seq so any new module or maybe some patches
are going to
> get into trouble with overwritten field values. It's OK if
your sure you
> are never going to add anything somebody else has done.
> The correct way to do this is launch the SQL insert and
then modify the
> value in vtiger_field_seq accordingly.
So, for what purpose this vtiger_field table is there? I
have a custom field in contacts (besides my problem
described earlier) and this vtiger_field table is really empty

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