[Vtigercrm-developers] A bug in modules/Emails/Emails.php

Dhr. R.R. Gerbrands remco at artoge.nl
Tue Nov 14 06:58:53 PST 2006


Even the forums, aren't the place to report a bug, instead that  
should be done within Track

First see: community tab.
Gives http://www.vtiger.com/index.php? 

Then bug tracker, you will need a track login.
Gopal is your man to provide you with a login, ask him:  
gopals at vtiger.com

Thanks for reporting any issues,

Best regards, Remco

Op 14-nov-2006, om 15:44 heeft James Tillman het volgende geschreven:

> ((If someone would fix the forums registration, I'll gladly start  
> posting these issues on the forums if this is not the correct  
> venue.  Until then, I assume reporting in some way is better than  
> not reporting at all.))
> modules/Emails/Emails.php seems to be lacking some key class-level  
> fields.  Namely, these:
> var $rel_users_table = "vtiger_salesmanactivityrel";
> var $rel_contacts_table = "vtiger_cntactivityrel";
> var $rel_serel_table = "vtiger_seactivityrel";
> It makes use of these fields in its code, as in the function  
> set_emails_contact_invitee_relationship(), but they are not set  
> anywhere in the class.
> This problem comes to light when you attempt to use the Outlook  
> plugin to link emails to a vtiger contact.  You get the typical  
> "Invalid return value from vtigerCRM" error message.
> I inserted the lines mentioned above at line 38 in Emails.php and  
> Outlook email linking started to work.
> Most of the Outlook interaction with vtiger in v502 seems to be  
> sadly broken out of the box.
> By the way, anyone thought of improving the Outlook plugin to do  
> something other than stupidly report that vtiger returned an  
> invalid response?  Having to use Fiddler or some other HTTP  
> inspection utility to just to find the PHP error message from  
> vtiger is time-consuming.
> jpt
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