[Vtigercrm-developers] A bug in modules/Emails/Emails.php

James Tillman jamestillman at sevatechnologies.com
Tue Nov 14 06:44:32 PST 2006

((If someone would fix the forums registration, I'll gladly start
posting these issues on the forums if this is not the correct venue.
Until then, I assume reporting in some way is better than not reporting
at all.))
modules/Emails/Emails.php seems to be lacking some key class-level
fields.  Namely, these:
var $rel_users_table = "vtiger_salesmanactivityrel";
var $rel_contacts_table = "vtiger_cntactivityrel";
var $rel_serel_table = "vtiger_seactivityrel";

It makes use of these fields in its code, as in the function
set_emails_contact_invitee_relationship(), but they are not set anywhere
in the class.
This problem comes to light when you attempt to use the Outlook plugin
to link emails to a vtiger contact.  You get the typical "Invalid return
value from vtigerCRM" error message.
I inserted the lines mentioned above at line 38 in Emails.php and
Outlook email linking started to work.
Most of the Outlook interaction with vtiger in v502 seems to be sadly
broken out of the box.
By the way, anyone thought of improving the Outlook plugin to do
something other than stupidly report that vtiger returned an invalid
response?  Having to use Fiddler or some other HTTP inspection utility
to just to find the PHP error message from vtiger is time-consuming.
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