[Vtigercrm-developers] profileGlobalPermission

Dennis Grant dgrant at accuratetechnologies.com
Tue Nov 7 09:02:45 PST 2006

OK gang, I've been beating my head against this for a while and I'm
starting to get frustrated.


Here is the issue: 


1)         in the ListView for TroubleTickets, some users can see
TicketID and some cannot (the requirement is that all users can see


2)         There is no place in the field permissions editor for Ticket
ID (or crmid, for that matter)


3)         Certain profiles CAN see TicketID; some cannot.


4)         The difference between those profiles that can see ticketID
is that they have $profileGlobalPermission[1] set to 0, where those that
cannot see TicketID have $profileGlobalPermission[1] set to 1;


5)         I think I've found where in the code the test is made - if
you have $is_admin true OR $profileGlobalPermission[1]==0, then you get
the full field list for that module/tab. Otherwise, there's a
complicated query that pulls down allowed fields.


6)         I have not (yet) found where $profileGlobalPermission[1] is


7)         I have not (yet) found how to add TicketID to a list of
permissions where $profileGlobalPermission[1] == 0;


I think being able to do #7 - and being to do it via the security
interface - is the ultimate goal here.


Can somebody PLEASE explain how this all interacts, before I go crazy?



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