[Vtigercrm-developers] beneath the supportstartdate >>> (dd-mm-yyyy) ...wanna hide this....

Torsten Zenk tzenk at gmx.net
Tue Dec 12 00:55:55 PST 2006

Okay , for those who may be intersted, thx to Joe i found how to get rid 
of displaying the (dd-mm-yyyy) under the dates. Simply comment out the 
following lines in DisplayFields.tpl like this. That´s it!
Line 343
<br><font size=1><em old="(yyyy-mm-dd)"><!--({$dateStr})--></em></font>
<br><font size=1><em old="(yyyy-mm-dd)"><!--({$dateStr})--></em></font>

I wonder if the europeans in here ever worked on the issue with the 
dd-mm-yyyy format as it is unknown in Europe. We use always use 
dd.mm.yyyy. There are lots of questions about this issue, but i found no 
solution untill now.

Good bye

Joe Bordes schrieb:
> Hi,
> El mar, 05-12-2006 a las 19:32 +0100, Torsten Zenk escribió:
>> Hello,
>> i´m new to this mailinglist thing so please excuse me if i act a little 
>> strange... ;)
>> Coming from the forum i have a question that i seek an answer for quit 
>> some time now.
>> Maybe someone here can answer this?
>> i would like to get rid of the Date Format display in the masks where 
>> dates can be choosen from the calender.
>> what i mean.
>> in vtiger i create a new product for example.
>> i use the + Button and now see the new mask with a lot of entries to be 
>> made. Depending on which dateformat you have setup in the vtiger 
>> settings it shows this beneath the supportstartdate etc. >>>
>> (dd-mm-yyyy)
>> I would like to hide this for certain people as they get confused about it.
> This is hardcoded so you will have to eliminate it.
> You have to look for the block of code:
> ---------------
> {if $uitype eq 5 || $uitype eq 23}
> 	<br><font size=1><em old="(yyyy-mm-dd)">({$dateStr})</em></font>
> {else}
> 	<br><font size=1><em old="(yyyy-mm-dd)">({$dateStr})</em></font>
> {/if}
> ---------------
> and comment it in the template files. My search returned 9 files in the
> template directory (maybe not all involved)
>> Second thing is that i would like the choosen dates to be shown in the 
>> dates fields as 05.12.2006 instead of 05-12-2006. How can i change this?
> This is also hardcoded but won't be as easy to change. I have no idea of
> the implications of trying to change this as there are functions that
> change/return the dates using the '-' (getDBInsertDateValue)
> NOTE: If anybody with more in-depth knowledge can confirm correct ...
> Regards, Joe
> TSolucio
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