[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger 6.5 custom template - date / uitype 10 popups not working?

Richard Hills - Technologywise richard at tw.co.nz
Tue Jul 30 08:36:44 GMT 2019

Hi all

Hoping someone can point me towards my mistake with a vtiger 6.5 module, 
scratching my head but can't see what I've missed.

I have a very basic custom template which looks like:

{assign var="FIELD_MODEL" value="{$MODEL.date}"}
{include file="../Vtiger/uitypes/Date.tpl"}

And a view which looks like:

Class CustomModule_View_View extends Vtiger_Index_View {
         public function process(Vtiger_Request $request) {
                 $viewer = $this->getViewer ($request);
                 $moduleName = $request->getModule();
                 $module = Vtiger_Module_Model::getInstance($moduleName);
                 $date = Vtiger_Field_Model::getInstance('date',$module);
                 $model = array(
                         'date' => $date,

Everything looks great, I see my field with the calendar icon to the 
right, however it is not active, no javascript is triggered on click 
etc. so no real datepicker behaviour.

I have the same issue when I test with the Reference template (uitype 10).

I have looked over code where this has just worked in the past, however 
I assume I've missed something simple and hope someone else will tell me 
what it is.

Appreciate your time to look.


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