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Prasad prasad at vtiger.com
Fri Jul 5 06:53:10 GMT 2019

Sutharsan, Garry,

If you have logged MR - it would be picked or idea will be grabbed.

When a MR is baked well its much easier to consume.
Few of them will be having divergence that will demand rewrite or postpone.

Stay calm.
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On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 11:33 AM Garry Brighton <garryatbrighton at gmail.com>

> @rahul, mate, do some homework and read this list archive..... no damn
> body here want em to get bad, or out of business.
> People wanna contribute but they don't get chance to do so. Pissing off
> those who wanna share own improvements
> is just a kind of meaningful thing...
> Personally appreciate work done (even could be 1000% better) but I am on
> the way to log out from vtiger, due to
> unknown future and low security standards. It would be fine if they just
> let us contribute, but they will not, as open source can not be better than
> they
> subscription version. This is so obvious, but not surprise, if one app is
> managed by one entity then it ending up like that always.
> The ONLY solution is to spread source between few people who will manage
> merging, and let it go as really well running
> contribution system. I wish to see today some patch, or improvement, and
> merging day after...
> On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 12:07 PM Sutharsan J <ajstharsan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> HI
>> I think as a programmer,  this forum and a git repo would be enough to do
>> great things. Vtiger may have to decide how they can utilize the community
>> to the contribution more effectively than now.
>> Still programmers like me have less contribution because of timelines
>> restricts to contribute much. But a well organized community can plug in
>> and use the busiest people more efficiently through effective distribution.
>> Thanks
>> Sutharsan Jeganathan
>> On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 9:36 AM rahul <info at crmtiger.com> wrote:
>>> I would suggest we've to RESPECT vTiger for what they did for OpenSource
>>> Community.
>>> Many companies here Directly or Indirectly making profit out of selling
>>> OpenSource Solutions of vTiger.
>>> There may be the case that they are working hard to maintain OpenSource
>>> version of vTiger.
>>> We all have to support them in terms of maintaining their
>>> forums,discussions
>>> etc..
>>> I seen that how community in SalesForce & Odoo is active To make them #1
>>> in
>>> their software category.
>>> I would request we've to schedule online meeting to know each other,
>>> share
>>> ideas and brainstorming.
>>> Please suggest We're interested to have a Online Conference for vTiger.
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