[Vtigercrm-developers] Problems with reports module under latest VTiger

Alex Hall ahall at autodist.com
Mon Mar 26 15:59:16 GMT 2018

Update: the problems all disappear if the user has admin rights. Non-admin
users have the issues I detailed, but as soon as I make a user admin,
there's no trouble at all. Hopefully this helps pinpoint the problem?

It's Debian. I don't think the memory is the issue here, because no other
part of the system does this. Plus, pages load in other parts of the
reports module, they just give an error, as though the file path were
blank. Well, it *IS* blank, really. I just don't know why. Again, too,
making a user admin fixes everything.

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 11:31 AM, nilay khatri <nilay.spartan at gmail.com>

> Hi Alex,
> few questions:
> 1. is your system a windows OS?
> 2. have you mounted any extra discs for storage?
> 3. what is the memory limit you have set in the loaded php.ini and in
> vtiger config file?
> The blank page can happen is there is less memory. In this case the page
> should processing your request for a while and then go blank.
> Or else there could be an improper query generated due to some custom
> fields added in the included module in report.
> To investigate if there is some improper query generated you can enable
> database debug by editing
> include/database/PearDatabase.php
> and add following :
> $adb->setDebug(true)
> and then try to execute the report. It must show you all the queries
> executed in the request and if there is any error while execution.
> On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 7:15 PM, Alex Hall <ahall at autodist.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> One of the last things my boss wants from a CRM is reports. Obviously,
>> VTiger can handle these, with a lot of nice options for setting up and
>> sending out reports. The problem is, we're getting some odd errors when
>> trying to use them.
>> The first one is file access. Whenever I try to view a report while
>> logged in as one of the sales reps who will eventually use this system, I
>> get:
>> Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file. - '.$realfilepath
>> That's from utils.php, and I modified it to display $realfilepath instead
>> of $filepath. The file path is always blank, which I believe is the core of
>> the problem. You can't open a file if no file is specified, after all. The
>> question is *why* it's blank. I should say that this only happens for
>> reports set up by the account. That is, ones that aren't in the module by
>> default.
>> The other issue is this. Sometimes, when I try to view a report, the page
>> is blank. My browser shows me a 500-level error behind the scenes,
>> suggesting a PHP error. Yet my server's error log never shows anything, so
>> the exception or problem must be handled internally. Even the VTiger log,
>> though, has nothing about whatever the error is. This seems to always
>> happen when viewing a report that comes with the module by default, as
>> opposed to the other problem above, which only happens with custom reports.
>> Thanks for any help on this one. As far as I know, our reports module is
>> up to date, and the rest of VTiger is configured correctly. We're on 7.1
>> with the latest patch installed, and on PHP 7.0 on Debian 8.
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