[Vtigercrm-developers] Vtiger 6.x database and concurrent sessions max load

Hamono, Chris (DPC) Chris.Hamono at sa.gov.au
Mon Jun 22 23:45:41 GMT 2015

I have only used version 6+ of vtiger so I may be speaking out of turn

Are you saying the previous version was artificially restricted to that? It sounds to me more like a restriction implemented within the database rather than something to do with vtiger.


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I would like to ask whether Vtiger 6.x addresses the database/front end architecture that Vtiger 5.2.x had.

Older versions had concurrent session / max database record load of 45 concurrent sessions / 2.5 mln records.

Is that still the case?

I am referring to Vtiger Open Source.

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Petar Dimov
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