[Vtigercrm-developers] add/remove relatedlist entry trigger eventhandler

Mariusz Krzaczkowski m.krzaczkowski at yetiforce.com
Tue Jun 2 07:01:07 GMT 2015


Hi Alan, 

Although 'Mod Tracker' is a module, it has some scripts built-in in
order to work properly. If someone wants to add a similar module, he
would have to add scripts, e.g. here: 

in file data\CRMEntity.php in function trackLinkedInfo and

> // @Note: We should extend this to event handlers
> if(vtlib_isModuleActive('ModTracker')) {
> // Track the time the relation was added
> require_once 'modules/ModTracker/ModTracker.php';
> ModTracker::linkRelation($module, $crmid, $with_module, $with_crmid);
> }

> // @Note: We should extend this to event handlers
> if(vtlib_isModuleActive('ModTracker')) {
> //Track the time the relation was deleted
> require_once 'modules/ModTracker/ModTracker.php';
> ModTracker::unLinkRelation($module, $crmid, $with_module, $with_crmid);
> }

We solved it at the same time when we improved the handlers, you can see
an example of the solution here:
[2] this solution could be implemented to Vtiger 6.3. 

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W dniu 2015-05-22 07:17, Alan Lord napisał(a): 

> On 21/⁠05/⁠15 19:52, Mariusz Krzaczkowski wrote: 
>> Hi all,
>> What you need it is very easy to do this, just add a simple trigger
>> handler, here's an example:
> That's a great help -⁠ thanks Mariusz.
> But what I don't get is how Mod Tracker is picking up this event without your modifications?
> Alan
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