[Vtigercrm-developers] caching user privileges

Adam Heinz amh at metricwise.net
Fri Jan 27 13:53:11 PST 2012


I've just created the ticket and uploaded my first patch.


This patch is my best attempt at a correctness preserving refactoring
that encapsulates require(user_privileges/user_privilege_$userid.php)
logic in a new UserPrivileges class and exposes the data via methods.
I haven't tackled user_privileges/sharing_privilege_* yet -- that will
be the next pass... on Monday I think.  ;)  Four hours of regexes is
enough for one day!

This patch is against my 5.2.1 fork, so I'm expecting to have to go
back at the end of all this and massage the patch into something more
trunk-appropriate, but I wanted to get the code out in view.

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