[Vtigercrm-developers] Invoke Custom Function in Workflow Task

Jeff Sherk Forerunner Ministries jeff at ForerunnerTV.com
Mon Apr 19 07:28:20 PDT 2010

On 4/13/2010 6:32 PM, Jeff Sherk Forerunner Ministries wrote:
>> The documentation on Workflows has some problems:
>> http://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/vtiger510:Module_Workflow
>> Under Invoke Custom Function:
>> (1) The demo function contains the $entity in it ... is this a global
>> variable that is passed into the function or does it need to be defined
>> somewhere else first?
>> (2) The doc says to put your file in module/Workflow/Demo.inc but there
>> is no Workflow folder. Does this folder need to be created, or can it go
>> in any folder as long as we give the correct path?
>> (3) The line in that reads "The method then needs to be registered, for
>> example if the method was defined in the file modules/demo/Demo.inc for ..."
>> This is a different folder (module/demo/Demo.inc) than what is specified
>> in the code above and the code below... I am assuming that this is a Typo.
>> (4) In this line:
>> $emm = new VTEntityMethodManager($adb);
>> Is $adb a global variable or does it need to be defined somewhere else
>> first??
>> (5) In this line:
>> $emm->addEntityMethod("PurchaseOrder", "method",
>> "modules/Workflow/Demo.inc", "demo");
>> What does "PurchaseOrder" get replaced with? Is the module name? Would
>> it be Contact or Contacts? What are all the possible module names that
>> can be used?
>> Also, what does "method" get changed to? Is it always 'method', or is
>> this the name that will appear in the list on the Task page?
>> (6) And most importantly, where and how do you actually register the
>> method! It gives no indication of what file to put the code in or how to
>> register the method!
>> I will gladly create a better working example for docs and forum, but I
>> need answers to the above questions.
>> Thanks
>> _______________________________________________
> Ok, with much trial and error I think I figured it out. See here:
> http://forums.vtiger.com/viewtopic.php?p=104978
> Thanks
> _______________________________________________
Ok, I created an account on the vTiger Wiki, but it would not let me 
edit the workflow page, so here is a link to the forum post I made that 
answers all my questions with an example... maybe somebody could link to 
it from the wiki or update the wiki?

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