[Vtigercrm-developers] New vtiger Extensions Marketplace - Now Live!

Sreenivas Kanumuru svk at vtiger.com
Tue Jan 27 17:21:21 PST 2009

Dear vtiger Developers,

Today, we announced the new  vtiger Extensions marketplace on the vtiger
For those of you who have or intend to publish vtiger extensions
(free/commercial), this should be welcome news!  Please check out the blog
more details.

Through the marketplace and vtlib library, we are able to reach following

   - Make it easy for users to find the desired extensions,
   - Offer users a smooth installation process for extensions.
   - Help 3rd party publishers promote their extensions to vtiger user
   - Provide tools for developers to build vtiger CRM extensions rapidly

We hope to see an increasing number of 3rd party extensions to vtiger CRM
available on the marketplace in the coming weeks and months.  We welcome
your feedback.


Sreenivas Kanumuru (vtiger Team)
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