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David V. davidv.net at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 04:15:19 PDT 2008

Thank you very much Vtiger Team !!!

I've just read the documentation.
I also had a quick look at the files.

It seems that we finaly have what we are expecting for such a long time : we
can install a new custom module without touching any file of the core of

Thanks again and congratulations !

The only thing missing now would be a nice gui in the Settings Panel to
easily upload, install (and maybe uninstall) the new modules. ;-)

David V.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 2:32 AM, Prasad <prasad at vtiger.com> wrote:

> Dear vtigers!
> vtlib provides API's which enables writing the module for vtiger easier.
> Check the version 1.0 today and provide us the feedback.
> Download URL: http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/?group_id=174&release_id=432
> Project URL: http://forge.vtiger.com/projects/vtlib
> Regards,
> Prasad
> vtiger Team
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