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Reiche, Andreas Andreas.Reiche at LGN.Niedersachsen.de
Wed Mar 21 05:28:09 PDT 2007

Hi Team, 
with revision 10473 you introduced a new language file
'include/js/en_us.lang.js' which defines a javascript array with used
I found that all the strings are also defined in the 'normal' lang file. And
somewhere in the code (don't know exactly which file at the moment) i found
a piece of code where the js-array is matched to a php-array. 

Just for clarification: 
Do we have to maintain a xx_xx.lang.js file in the language packs in future
or is this just a temporary solution. 
Without a lang.js file (de_de.lang.js in my case) some functionality is
broken if you use another language than english. 
And additionally there seems to be no consistent use of this js file over
the application because in some places i get my translated strings and in
other places i get the english string. 

Please confirm, 
Andreas Reiche, 
LGN ( Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Niedersachsen) 
Podbielskistrasse 331 
D-30659 Hannover 
Web:   http://www.lgn.de <http://www.lgn.de>  
http://www.geolife.de <http://www.geolife.de>  

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