[Vtigercrm-developers] Three questions

Steve Morocho stevem at 411web.com
Tue Mar 20 15:39:46 PDT 2007

I have three questions, and I've looked high and low for the answers
before resorting to this list.

1) This is a bug, I'm sure most of you are aware of.  Even still exists
in the latest 5.03 trunk.

After editing a lead and going back to listview the view is reset back
to page 1 default view.

I would like to enable persistant list views in Vtiger.  That is to say
when a user is logged in and looking at the Sales->Leads module for
instance and action=ListView or action=index and then they click on the
ajax Javascript link to paginate to page 3 of a specific filter.  then
they click on a lead in page three and edit that lead, then if they
select Sales->Leads again I want them to go back to page three with the
correct filter (viewname) they used and also the sort order.  Basically
remember what they were looking at in the session.

I found a patch that did persistant lead views
(http://vtigerforge.fosslabs.com/projects/usablecontrib/) but only if
the action was passed in the URL during pagination, and doesn't work
with the newer Ajax pagination.  Is there another patch I could try?

2) In a similar fashion I would like to add a Previous and Next button
to vtiger once in the Lead Detail View that could go to Prev and Next
lead from the last page/filter you looked at.  So if you were at the top
of page three "Prev" would go back to the last lead on page 2, etc.

3) and finally I would like to add the hndMouseOver() javascript/ajax
functionality to the ListView so editing can be done on multiple leads
at once from this highly accessed page view. 



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