[Vtigercrm-developers] Merge with Open Office and RTF Documents for 5.0.3

Joe Bordes joe at tsolucio.com
Thu Mar 15 11:53:37 PDT 2007


Based on the code in thread:

I added OO and RTF merge to Accounts and Contacts in 5.0.3.

The existing code had incorrect sql query and some other minor details.
I also i18n the download link message because my clients work in
spanish. I added the line

'DownloadMergeFile'=>'Download merged document here',

to include/language/en_en.lang.php and other corresponding language

I attach the other files:

I modified savewordtemplate.php to accept OO and rtf documents so they
can be treated like all others.

I tried this under windows (firefox) and it worked fine.
I DID NOT try the M$Office compatibility as I could not get it working
(I think it was because Word was in spanish so the plugin didn't even
appear). The code to maintain compatibility exists so it should work.

My next step is to make some macro or picklist so that my clients can
easily pick the fields to make their own documents. I'll send code if I
get it working.

- Make a copy of affected files before trying (just in case)
- There are sample merge files on the thread
- Remember to manually add the translation string or you won't see

Regards, Joe

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