[Vtigercrm-developers] Default mail address for standarduser

Torsten Zenk tzenk at gmx.net
Tue Mar 13 13:57:54 PDT 2007

Hi added this to the trac: #3213

In SALES > POTENTIALS > MORE INFORMATION the second Button from the Top 
is called SELECT CONTACT. If you click it the Popup comes up showing all 
contacts and a button called ADD CONTACT.

That not right in my opinion as there should be a button SELECT CONTACT 
in terms that all other Buttons TELL ME WHAT TO DO and at this point it 
wants a contact to be selected. And when it comes to translation (german 
in my example) we have an ERSTELLEN KONTAKT (which means actually to 
CREATE A CONTACT)but in german it MUST be WÄHLE KONTAKT (which then 
means select contact. So in every way i guess it is best to name the 

What i did:

Row 17 in Smarty/templates/PopUpContents.tpl value="{$APP.LBL_ADD_ITEM} 

changed to value="{$APP.LBL_SELECT_BUTTON_LABEL} {$APP[$MODULE]}"

Now the button is called SELECT CONTACT and the translationed versions 
will be fine too.

Best Regards
Torsten Zenk

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