[Vtigercrm-developers] Make all fields sortby

Brian Laughlin brian at pr2k.com
Tue Dec 18 12:27:32 PST 2007

 simple fix to make every column sort able in every listview.


/include/utils/ListViewUtils.php --> Makes every column sortable in
every list view

Line 40 - added

// cw make all fields sortable on every list view


$focus->sortby_fields = cwSortFields();



Function contained in cw_utility.php could be added inline - in which
case just change the include to 



function cwSortFields() {

$sortby_fields = Array();

$query_fields = 'SELECT DISTINCT columnname FROM vtiger_field ORDER BY

$result_fields = mysql_query($query_fields);

$fieldcnt = 0;

while($row_fields = mysql_fetch_array($result_fields)) {

$sortby_fields[$fieldcnt] = $row_fields["columnname"];

$fieldcnt = $fieldcnt + 1;


return $sortby_fields; 

} // function end 



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