[Vtigercrm-developers] Report for vtiger 5 today svn version (rev 5728)

Abos webmaster at vtigercrmfrance.org
Wed May 10 15:16:00 PDT 2006

Hi all,
this is a small report for today svn snapshot.

Homepage : latest activities added layer appear (see screenshot), i 
think you know already.

Tab marketing, subtab account & contact, if i add an task/activitie, the 
redirection goes to tab support, the good subtab. (very small problem)

Tab "More information", when i translate close (for task/events) the 
table is not correctly displyed, miss the cell for close (X).

The compose email pop up, is just a little to small (need 50px weight more),

Problem with ' in company field information (alway),

When i send an email to a lead or contact, lead/contact description 
added to mail body. Very very very bad ! Imagine my comment, "fucking 
guy, dislike to work with him, bad debtor". Ouch !

Can't change invoices status, quotes /SO/PO stage on picklist settings 
(i think you just need time for quotes/SO/PO, but for the invoices, it's 
miss since 4.x)

Migration script alway break the install, i have make a test with a new 
and clean vtiger crm 4.2.3 database (without adding any data), only 4 
tables created : *actionmapping, announcement,  field_seq, 

*Brand question (i think to saint ?) why design the tiger pound to left 
on rss, calendar, email module ? The vtiger logo use a pount inclined to 

Migration question :
Why not provide migration script during install ? With user choice 

Loggin question : The logs make vtiger CRM slow, why not put loggin to 
WARN for stable version ?

Adding 1 more field to calls/meetings for incoming/outgoing can be very 

Now the good things :)
New really impressive design for the calendar, very very good !
The quick create function can be a killer feature on vtiger 5 (time 
The search engine is very cool, now we can search on entire system.
The report module !!!! Ouch !!!! USABLE ! (Richie forgot what i have 
said about report module ;) )
New real effort for translaters, thankkkksssssss, i am impatient to see 
vtiger crm 5 full french (and all french users too) !
MSG to Richie, you say about i18n on forum: " Yes, we do need help.", 
what kind of help ? Harcode string feedback ? Moving harcode to lang 
file and give a patch ?... I'm ready.

About gettext, the problem with gettext, is you can loose translaters, 
gettext is more difficult to use, but more efficient. We need a full 
translate of vtiger CRM 5 (not 6). So for now, it's the right decision.

Conclusion : vtiger crm 5 is on the right way, look good, smell good. 
And i'm really enthusiastic(not sure for this word)
I hope the plug-ins with same quality.
gone to write a news on vtiger france
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