[Vtigercrm-developers] Why Accounts an Account ?

Mickie mickie at vtiger.com
Fri Dec 8 21:42:48 PST 2006

Dear Team,

These Accounts.php, Contacts.php, etc., are added to keey the Module name, Module.php name and Class Name similar.
For example if we take Accounts, (module/Accounts/Accounts.php)
module = Accounts
module.php file = Accounts.php
class name = Accounts

In some places, when we try to include a file or create a object basedon the module we could not do that. Also it will helpful when we addnew modules in future. so that we have used these files with 's'instead of old files.

Hope this is clear.
Thanks & Regards

---- On Fri, 08 Dec 2006 David V. <davidv.net at gmail.com> wrote ---- 

Either plural or not we need to not what to rely on.
If someone from vtiger team could reply on this ... ??

Thanks in advance. :-)

David V.

2006/12/8, Torsten Zenk <tzenk at gmx.net>:Hello,
why not simply say everything in the future should be plural?


David V. schrieb:
> Hi Everybody !
> Why in the code do we find :
> Accounts.php and Account.php
> Campaigns.php and Campaign.php
> Emails.php and Email.php
> Should we rely on the file with a "s" or the other file ?
> I had a look on the code to know wich files were updated by the
> developpers :
> here for instance (
> http://vtiger.fosslabs.com/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/browser/vtigercrm/branches/5.0.3/modules/Accounts?rev=9950
> )
> You can see that Accounts.php is more recent that Account.php
> So I said : "Ok let's make it a rule to always rely on the file with
> the "s" at the end"
> But this cannot be a rule, because when you look at the Invoice and
> the HelpDesk modules there are no file with a "s" at the end.
> You can find Invoice.php but not Invoices.php.
> What should we do ?
> David V.
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