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Michel JACQUEMES m.jacquemes at neuf.fr
Thu Apr 27 20:14:14 PDT 2006

Hi Saint,


It could be a useful feature, especially knowing that user can have an
action on an object without leaving the context of this object.

It will be more useful if you do the same thing on a listview. SAP has
introduced that naming it “drag & activate”. Suppose you are on a customer
listview, you drag a customer line over  invoice menu line and you get
invoices listview for this customer. This can be extended almost everywhere.


May be I am wrong, but I think also that it is not very difficult to
implement because it can be a general template.


Another idea is that with such feature we are not very far from workflow





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Check the attached image. We are thinking about providing relevant
actions/links in major modules (in detailed view, espicially). What do you
think? will this help the users? will it improve the user experience? 

Example 1. Say for example, When you are viewing a Quote, you can generate
an invoice/sales order  directly, also one can track similar quotes using
the information of that particular quote like account name, potential name,
address, or products etc.

Example 2. Another example is .. when you are viewing a product details, you
cna create a quote/invoice/sales order, track all quotes pertaining to that
product etc. 


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